High Gear Ratio vs Low Gear Ratio
High Gear Ratio vs Low Gear Ratio
Preserving a bright and shiny hull
Preserving a bright and shiny hull

The «Deadrise» of the hull and its importance

By Thomas P.– Cristiano Segnini

By the term of deadrise we mean the angle which is formed between the horizontal plane and the side of the hull, at its any point.

As it can easily be understood, this angle is not constant but varies gradually over the whole length of the hull. In other words, the deadrise angle starts with its lower value at the transom and gradually increases as the hull goes forward until it takes its maximum value at the bow, where the hull cuts the wave.

In practice, the deadrise angle defines the size of the dihedral angle of a hull, which is the angle that is formed between the two sides of the hull.

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