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  • - Access to all pages.
  • - Access to the You Tube Channel
  • - RIB tests
  • - e-Ribbing Club team
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1Access to all pages.
The subscribers of the Basic category will have access to all of the website's articles on every page. This way they will have information about every Ribtest, technical articles, articles related to propellers and travels as well as the most important news of the market.
2Access to the You Tube Channel.
The Basic category subscribers will also have access to all of the site's boat test videos and travel ones.
3RIB tests
The subscribers of this category will have the opportunity to actively participate in the boat sea trials so that they can get to know how the trials take place and the boats evaluation criteria while also gaining a clearer opinion about their prospective vessel.
4e-Ribbing Club team
Basic category subscribers will automatically be in the big hug of e-Ribbing Club which means that in any case they will be able to contact the e-Ribbing Club team leader who in turn will activate all the team members who are in every corner of the Aegean, the Ionian and the Mediterranean Sea in order to provide valuable information or even help if needed, thus maximizing the feeling of safety at sea.


Learn more about benefits
1All the Basic subscriptions’ benefits
Premium subscribers have all the benefits of the basic subscription as mentioned above.
They will have the chance to attend navigation seminars, the subjects of which will be divided into two groups (beginners & advanced) and will be selected by the members of the e-Ribbing Club. Their main objective will be the essential understanding of the nautical art and the achievement of a high level of seamanship. The moderator and speaker will be the founder of, Thomas P., who will be flanked by selected and highly experienced but also specialized marine friends who can impart essential knowledge and offer all those necessary info for safe travels.
3Membership Card of e-Ribbing Club
Premium subscribers will get the membership card and automatically become members of the e-Ribbing Club. The e-Ribbing Club is a large group of seafaring friends, from all over the world, the members of which share the same passion: the Rib and the sea! The Sea unites us and of course... has no borders. The e-Ribbing Club hopes to be an open "school" of knowledge and sharing of experiences. The members of the e-Ribbing Club have an open line of communication - private Facebook group - so that there is the possibility of getting to know each other, while each member has the possibility to put his opinions on the various topics to be discussed, with the aim, through a constructive dialogue, always with respect and dignity, may we all become wiser. In any case, they will be able to communicate with each other in order to provide valuable information or even help if needed in every corner of the Aegean, the Ionian and the Mediterranean Sea, thus maximizing the feeling of security at sea.
4Discounts and offers
This membership card will give discounts on the purchase of marine equipment from branded stores and the following benefits:
- Great offers will be announced every month.
-Discounts on engines service and spare parts.
-Discounts on boat parking.
-Invitations to events and Boat Shows.
-Offers and partner-shops are below
5Guidance on proper buying the used or new Rib


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