The Rib Of Our Mission - The Engines - Preparation - Rib’s Tests
The Rib Of Our Mission – The Engines – Preparation – Rib’s Tests
HELLAS - AZORES 3.500 n.m.
HELLAS – AZORES 3.500 n.m.
By Thomas P.

The idea was born a year ago or so, but it seemed like an unreachable goal with many obstacles that seemed insurmountable. But as our will and passion were growing bigger, these obstacles have started to brake down and look like a house of cards ready to collapse.

Now, the idea has matured enough... and here we are again, on the nautical charts, to carve paths, counting miles and working strenuously, in order to accomplish one more small feat, which we are going to attempt on August 2014.

We are going to attempt a really big journey with a 10m rib, which will accommodate two outboard engines, crossing the Mediterranean Sea once again, but this time we will continue for 800 more nautical miles in the open Atlantic Ocean up to Azores, covering a distance of 3500 nautical miles. No such journey has even been made in the past with outboard engines! We consider that crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Portugal to Azores, which is expected to take two days and two nights without fuel replenishment, will be the ultimate European sea event of 2014!

...keep Ribbing!                

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