First Day in Ocean 18/8/2014 - Hellas Azores 2014
First Day in Ocean 18/8/2014
Naples - Barcelona
Naples – Barcelona
By Thomas P.

5 August, 06:30, we slowly left the Port of Ginesta Marina. We were about to cover about 900 miles in three days, and get to Cascais, a few miles west of Lisbon.

Our first stop was Almeria. 360 nautical miles path. We had put 110lt gas and replaced the Bravo I 24 propellers with 21, 5" of Suzuki.

This 360 miles trip was a first class trial for consumption and speed, adjusting for the second half for crossing the Atlantic. We wanted to be certain for the required litres and the choice of propellers, for when we would be in the middle of the big passage.

We travelled with 30 knots at 3800 rpm, consuming 75 lt per hour. Amazing numbers that justified once more not only the engines' choice, but also the Corsair 31. Eventually we cover 360 miles using up 920 lt in total.

During the second and third day we took a solid dose of an Atlantic ocean, which, due to strong wind, seemed like uncontrollable Aegean. The wind was freezing, the waves were big and their peaks were smashed furiously. Corsair's hull responded significatly in the ocean, but the sprey was merciless. The wind didn't exceed 6 beaufort but the two-meters waves that formed above the big was suelle was an unfogettable experience for all of us.

It was a struggle reaching Cascais, where Lisbon's club inflatables and local agents welcomed us. Next day we took off the boat for a final check before the big crossing.

...keep Ribbing!                

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