Barcelona - Lisboa
Barcelona – Lisboa
Thessaloniki - Naples
Thessaloniki – Naples
By Thomas P.

After the wonderful moments given to us by Italian friends, local authorities and sponsors, we set a bow for our next stop in Barcelona, where we would welcome the entire Suzuki team in Spain.

We coved more than 700 nm with in-between stops in the island Elba, Portofino and the small island Port Cros located a few miles south-east of Marseille. Finally, crossing the disreputable Lion's Bay, we arrived in Barcelona.

A few miles west, in Port Ginesta, a welcoming party had been set inside the local marina, proof of the excellent hospitality and sense of sympathy from the marine Spanish people towards our difficult and challenging operation.

The next day was dedicated to the first service and an overall engine check.

The weather conditions we faced untill now in the Mediterranean were quite familiar and expected. Generally, the sea was sufficiently good and we travelled with 4-5 beaufort. However we were tired of the many consecutive rainy days, which is something particularly rare for the season.

...keep Ribbing!                

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