Why we chose Furuno and Timezero Navigator
Why we chose Furuno and Timezero Navigator
Furuno and Maxsea become Platinum Sponsors for RIBBING FOR ARCTIC!
Furuno and Maxsea become Platinum Sponsors for RIBBING FOR ARCTIC!
By Thomas P. - Carlos S.Martinez

Our team warmly thanks Motocraft S.A., Mr. Alexandros Zeis and especially Mr. Stelios Platis who traditionally stand by us in our every great project providing us with every possible equipment.

With over 75 years of experience in boat steering systems, SeaStar Solutions has been a leading provider of hydraulic steering in the global marine industry. As SeaStar becomes Dometic, the journey to evolution and innovation continues offering the most robust and reliable proposals for handling any boat.

With the Tournament cylinders and the Power Assist Steering System that minimizes and makes extremely easy the steering effort, it is certain that we will be able to cover the very long daily distances of our trip much more comfortable and relaxed while their robustness and reliability it will give us the necessary confidence we need in such a difficult and very hard expedition.

For over 30 years, Parker Village Marine (VMT) has developed innovative water desalination and purification systems for some of the most challenging environments.
VMT received the prestigious Aegis Excellence Award as the only RO supplier to excel in quality and delivery, surpassing U.S. Navy expectations.

The waternaker that has been supplied to the Rib of our mission is a continuous and inexhaustible source of fresh water from the sea, with much better quality than the one provided by the water supply system of a city.
Thus, we will be completely autonomous in drinking water as well as in fresh water for the cleaning needs of the multi-member crew of our mission, which means that we will not need to carry large water containers on board, saving much more free space which is absolutely necessary mainly for the hundreds of liters of fuel we will carry. In addition, the presence of the waternaker will free us from the constant transport of fresh water containers from the very small and without infrastructureless communities of the Inuit of the Arctic Circle.

Welcome aboard!

...keep Ribbing!

RIBBING FOR ARCTIC - Expedition at the Top of the Planet!

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