Naples - Barcelona
Naples – Barcelona
The Rib Of Our Mission - The Engines - Preparation - Rib’s Tests
The Rib Of Our Mission – The Engines – Preparation – Rib’s Tests

Thessaloniki - Naples

By Thomas P.

After many months of hard work, preparation and sea-trials, the long-awaited day of the departure has finally arrived. Wednesday, 23 July 2014. At the end of a very beautiful departure ceremony that took place in the port of Thessaloniki, with the presence of local authorities, journalists, sponsors and friends, our long journey started.

With the big flag waving on our stern and the message «Mediterranean unites us» written on, we left our city behind and along with it our daily routine too. From this moment on, only one goal was in our minds: to accomplish our mission.

We have been waiting for this moment, many months now. At last; it was only us and the journey. Now we had all the time at our disposal to dedicate our soul and body to the journey, and of course to the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, which, I do not hide that it still seemed impossible our minds to fit it.

For us, it was the conquest of the Unknown but also the fear that was deep within us. And that's exactly the fear I wanted to experience, to repent, and ultimately to overcome.

First of all, we had an uninterrupted four-day ride because we had to reach in Naples/Italy on Saturday, where our welcome events had been prepared for a long time now.
We covered almost 900 nautical miles in 4 days with the intermediate scheduled stations of Lavrio, Kefalonia and Tropea in South Italy.

The weather in the first 4 days of our trip was relatively good, with the exception of the first half of our passage to Italy where the Ionian showed us its «teeth», forcing us to deviate much of our course so that we could maintain a smooth and relatively more comfortable ride.

...keep Ribbing!                

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