"Athens 2019" raid – Suzuki DF40 A on a 5,50m Marshall Rib
“Athens 2019” raid – Suzuki DF40 A on a 5,50m Marshall Rib
Hybrid Ecological Engine
Hybrid Ecological Engine
By Thomas P.

In February 2019, Mercury introduced the new five-blade Max5 ST propeller which is designed especially for the 4.6L V8 300R Four Stroke outboard with Sport Master gearcase.

The Max5 ST is a lab finished propeller and is available in 15.25 inch diameter with a pitch range of 22.5 to 34 inches, in half-inch increments.

The Max5 ST features a larger diameter of 0.25 inches compared to Max5, allowing it to run at higher mounting heights minimising the gearcase’s drag, making it thus ideal for the Sport Master gearcase.

New 15.25-inch-diameter Max5 ST propeller offers 3% - 4% reduction in slip compared to the 15.00-inch Max5 model.

Its shortened exhaust barrel –which is cut three-quarters of an inch off-, makes it ideal for stepped-hull boats.

Its availability in half-inch increments gives the ability to match that pitch which will allow the engine to reach exactly its maximum speed so as to get the maximum performance both at top speed and cruise speed too.

The 4.6L V8 300R outboard may be the reason for which the new Max5 ST was created, but this does not mean that Max5 ST can not perform in other applications as well. It is certain that the Max5 ST propeller can perform extremely well even on the new Verado 400 with conventional gearcase, especially at elevated transom heights where the respective propellers show high slip numbers.

Lab finished Max5 ST can be a very important alternative between Max5 and 4-blade Bravo I FS. Compared to the Bravo I FS, Max5 ST will generate more stern lift, significantly less slip, much better handling of the boat and, of course, higher stability at high speeds.

For further information visit www.zois.gr or call 210 94 09 828.

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