Athens Boat Show 2019
Athens Boat Show 2019
EFOY – Fuel Cells for unlimited electric energy in your Rib
EFOY – Fuel Cells for unlimited electric energy in your Rib

Viuho: The ultimate satellite communication and safety device

By Thomas P. – Carlos Santaella Martinez

Stay safe and send text messages to anyone, anywhere on the planet and in any sea you are travelling!

If you belong to those who do not travel to distant destinations, then you may not need satellite coverage. But in the opposite case, it is certain that the satellite communication is one-way.
We all know very well that when we are miles away from the coast, our mobiles have no signal very often.

Viuho is a revolutionary system that offers satellite connection, ensuring communication and above all our safety wherever we are.
It acts as a satellite modem for your cellphone and allows you to communicate trhough messaging without the need of mobile coverage. In addition, it includes an emergency button to send SOS signals when activated. With this device you can send your exact coordinates at any time together with any information you desire.
Its rechargeable lithium battery charges via a micro USB and provides continuous operating range for 17 whole days.

Where there's no mobile coverage, there's Viuho!
Link your smartphone to viuhoGEO and get coverage for the viuhoCONNECT app:

  • Emergency management
    In case of emergency, press the SOS button and Viuho will take care of everything, even if you are in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
  • Rescue and medical assistance
    Personal rescue coverage and medical assistance available worldwide.
  • Medical assistance
    In case of emergency you can contact a doctor through your own smartphone.
  • Message communication
    You can receive and send text messages through your own smartphone.
  • Location track
    Your position is automatically communicated and you can share it through your own smartphone.

For more information visit:
Carrer Pic de Peguera 15 Girona,
Girona 17003, ES

...keep Ribbing!

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