Does the choice of the propeller affect our engine’s longevity?
Does the choice of the propeller affect our engine’s longevity?
The Trophy Plus propeller and its design characteristics
The Trophy Plus propeller and its design characteristics
By Thomas P.

It is a fact that the choice of the right propeller is often quite complicated since it depends on many factors, the understanding of which is often quite difficult.
Usually we have to use a number of rules and theories so as to be able finally to choose the proper propeller.

Unfortunately, there is no formula which will automatically show us the desirable propeller fact that leads us sometimes to make wrong choices.

It is also true that we have to try more than one propeller in order to take the maximum performance of our boat. The reality, however, is that it’s often impossible to find propellers for just a test.
Therefore, many boaters buy the candidate propeller, based on their experience or on the opinion of some of their friends without having the opportunity to test it in advance.

But what happens when the propeller you bought has not the expected efficiency?

  • When it does not allow our engine to reach at its recommended rpm or does not achieve the final speed that we were dreaming of?
  • When it has high slip numbers and it can not get our boat on plane?
  • When it can not provide the proper stern lift and keep our stern deeply in the water?
  • When it rises our bow too high and we lose the horizon of our eyes?

Stay calm and do not be discouraged, even if you can not resell it!
There is always a solution!

A propeller is always useful!

So when you have tried everything, but you have not managed to match the propeller to your boat-engine combination then…

…you could make an expensive and at the same time unique roof lamp or small table that will beautifully decorate your home, giving it a nautical touch and a sea character.

You should also not be disappointed if your propeller suddenly started to spun or if you have strike it on a reef and its repairing is uncertain and expensive.

Instead of throwing it away or keeping it somewhere useless in your warehouse you can easily reclaim it creating a beautiful… piece of art.

...keep Ribbing!

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