Hydromotive vs Eco Enertia
Hydromotive vs Eco Enertia
Hydromotive 4-blade 15 1/2" x 19" vs Suzuki 3-blade 16" x 18.5"
Hydromotive 4-blade 15 1/2″ x 19″ vs Suzuki 3-blade 16″ x 18.5″

Propeller slip and its role to the boat’s performance

By Thomas P. – Cristiano Segnini

As we are trying to explain how a propeller works, in most of the cases we compare it with a screw which enters into the wood. But in reality, the propeller operates in the water and thus slides as it rotates. This means that each propeller loses a part of its performance, so the actual distance it finally travels in one revolution is always less than its nominal pitch indicates.

The difference between the theoretical and the actual distance traveled by the propeller in each rotation and therefore the difference of theoretical from the actual speed is called slip.

It is obvious that in every rotation of the propeller the distance the boat covers is less than the one the nominal pitch of the propeller defines.

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