Mirage Plus 14 5/8΄΄x 23΄΄ vs Suzuki 14 3/4΄΄x 23΄΄
ECO Enertia 16΄΄x 19΄΄ vs Suzuki 16΄΄x 18,5΄΄
ECO Enertia 16΄΄x 19΄΄ vs Suzuki 16΄΄x 18,5΄΄
By Thomas P.

There is no doubt that the Tempest plus and the Revolution are two well – known propellers which take the first place in the preferences of the skippers. Still, this doesn't happen with Enertia, which is a rather 'misunderstood' propeller.

We had the chance to try these propellers on a Verado 200hp which was mounted on one of the prettiest ribs, Technohull Seadrug 688.

The propellers we tested:

3-blade Enertia 14 3/8΄΄ x 19΄΄

3-blade Tempest plus 14 5/8΄΄ x 19΄΄

4-blade Revolution 14 5/8΄΄ x 19΄΄

The tests took place in the same day, at sea state 3-4beaufort, with loads of 120 litters of fuel, 3 persons and the necessary equipment of the rib.

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Enertia vs Tempest plus vs Revolution
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