ECO Enertia 16΄΄x 19΄΄ vs Suzuki 16΄΄x 18,5΄΄
ECO Enertia 16΄΄x 19΄΄ vs Suzuki 16΄΄x 18,5΄΄
Revolution 19" vs Revolution 21"
Revolution 19″ vs Revolution 21″
By Thomas P.

In order this to happen however, the prop should match to the boat-engine combination and of course the type of the hull, its length and the total weight of the boat to enable it to show the advantages of its design.

In other words, if our main goal is the top speed it doesn’t mean necessarily that the Laser II will be the best choice. As it happens in all cases, the hull and the loads are the factors which determine the terms of the “game”.

So we tested a 25" pitch Laser II on a Focchi 6.80m with an Optimax 200hp.

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