Hydromotive Quad IV 15 ½" x 27" vs Signature Eagle 4 15" x 27"
Hydromotive Quad IV 15 ½” x 27″ vs Signature Eagle 4 15″ x 27″
Propeller’s Performance Vent System (PVS)
Propeller’s Performance Vent System (PVS)

Testing a pair of 26" Bravo I FS on a Skipper NC 100S with twin Verado 400R

By Thomas P.

It was the first time that two Verado 400R engines were mounted on the transom of the 10 meter Skipper NC 100S and therefore we didn’t know which propellers would fit better to this combination. The only fact we had was that the owner of the boat would like the engines to be mounted high, and that’s why he had chosen their Long version with their Sport Master lower units.

We put the 26" Bravo I FS propellers, the only ones at our disposal. We only wanted to note their performance and, depending on it, we would be able to estimate the pitch and behavior of the candidates Max5 propellers in which the boat’s owner was primarily interested.

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Testing a pair of 26″ Bravo I FS on a Skipper NC 100S with twin Verado 400R
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