Propeller Ventilation and Cavitation
Propeller Ventilation and Cavitation
Hydromotive Quad IV 15 ½" x 27" vs Signature Eagle 4 15" x 27"
Hydromotive Quad IV 15 ½” x 27″ vs Signature Eagle 4 15″ x 27″

Bravo I 15 ¼" x 26" propeller on a Corsair 29 Racing powered by the new Verado 400R

By Thomas P.

It was the first time that on the transom of Corsair 29 Racing the new Mercury Verado 400R was mounted, a totally unknown combination for us. We tested the Bravo I 15 ¼ ΄΄ x 26΄΄ propeller, having the Verado 400R at the same mounting height as the 300 XS Optimax, the former engine of Corsair.

After almost 50 miles of testing, we reached 65 knots with the engine turning at 6500 rpm.
What we mainly felt from the first time was the tremendous power and torque of the new engine of Mercury. Indeed, the Verado 400 Race gives us the highest power-to-weight ratio of all 4-stroke engines in its class.

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