Enertia vs Tempest plus vs Revolution
Enertia vs Tempest plus vs Revolution
Laser II 13 1/4" x 25" vs Revolution 14 5/8" x 23"
Laser II 13 1/4″ x 25″ vs Revolution 14 5/8″ x 23″

ECO Enertia 16΄΄x 19΄΄ vs Suzuki 16΄΄x 18,5΄΄

By Thomas P.

It has been described as a "magical" prop, with excellent performance over the whole rpm range, while it also achieves very low consumption, as it is characteristically indicated by its name.

This statement refers to the Enertia ECO, the design of which is of particular interest.

But is everything attributed to the Mercury propeller real?
The Enertia ECO prop was tested in comparison with the Revolution prop, one of the most famous propellers on the market. The results were clearly in favor of the ECO prop, which also demonstrated higher top speed compared to the Revolution prop.

However, I think that this comparison, in which the Revolution prop appears inferior to the ECO prop, is simply because these are two completely different propellers. Their differences are huge, while their orientation is completely different.

Does the very good performance of the ECO prop is due to its larger diameter and not due to the particular characteristics of its design? Would any propeller with a 16΄΄ diameter give better acceleration, higher speeds at low and medium rpm and, of course, lower fuel consumption compared to the Revolution prop?

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ECO Enertia 16΄΄x 19΄΄ vs Suzuki 16΄΄x 18,5΄΄
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