4-blades vs 3-blades
4-blades vs 3-blades
Testing 19 props in a day – part 1
By Thomas P.

It is a fact that the propeller of our engine is one of the major factors that affect greatly the performance of our boat. Therefore it is necessary to be able to choose the right prop for the combination of our boat and engine.

First of all we should have in mind that we can not have everything in the world of the sea. For something extra that we will gain in a field, something else will be lost in another one.

It is impossible, for example, to aim the highest speed and expect to ride very well in the rough sea or have great accelerations, at the same time. We have to choose between the two goals, as well as among many other things.

Unfortunately, there is no ideal propeller which will make everything perfect. Each propeller is designed to perform well under specific conditions.

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