The "Pitch" of the propeller
The “Pitch” of the propeller
The "Rake" of the propeller
The “Rake” of the propeller
By Thomas P.

Apart from the diameter and the pitch, also the number of the blades of a propeller, the designing interferences of the blades, as well as other variations such as the thickness of the blades, the weight of the propeller, the material are made of etc. have their own share of "responsibility" in performance of a propeller.

Let's see what the Cup is and which its role is.

A widely used technique for improving the efficiency of the propeller, and therefore our boat, is the cup's configuration to the propeller.

It is about a curvature that is running along the trailing edge of the blade, and often extends across the blade tip. The concave surface of this curvature faces towards the side of the blade which "bites" and accelerates the water rearward.

The size of this curvature varies from propeller to propeller and is usually in the range of ½ to ¾ of an inch.

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