Testing 19 props in a day - part 2
Testing 19 props in a day – part 2
Enertia vs Tempest plus vs Revolution
Enertia vs Tempest plus vs Revolution

Mirage Plus 14 5/8΄΄x 23΄΄ vs Suzuki 14 3/4΄΄x 23΄΄

By Thomas P.

One of the best known propellers for all around use, especially in the field of inflatable boats, is the Mirage plus. Its good performance in many different types of boats and hulls classifies it at the top of preference of many skippers.

Mirage plus is available in a wide range of diameters (up to 16΄΄) and pitch (from 13΄΄ to 29΄΄), it is known for its very good mid-range numbers and is ideal for boats which tend to have their bow high.

We had the chance to compare Mirage plus 14 5/8 ΄΄ x 23΄΄ with Suzuki14 ¾΄΄ x 23΄΄. It was a very interesting test since these propellers have many common characteristics which allowed us to make specific conclusions on the individual characteristics of their design.

Let's look at the common features of these propellers:

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