How to Maintain Your Boat’s Steering Cables
How to Maintain Your Boat’s Steering Cables
Benefits of Hydraulic Jack Plate
Benefits of Hydraulic Jack Plate

Annual Maintenance and Regular Inspections of the hydraulic steering system

By Seastar

Every year about this time, boaters across the country start to get the itch. The days get a little longer, and a little warmer, and it just seems natural to grab the toolbox and the wash bucket and head for the boat.

Most of us head for the transom to give the outboard or stern-drive a little attention. Now’s certainly a good time to change the engine oil, check the filters and take a look at the gear oil in the lower unit.

But few of us think to look a just a little bit forward and check out the hydraulic steering system. In fact, when asked, most boat owners said they had no idea there was anything they should do, or could do, to maintain their hydraulic systems.
As a result, this vital control system receives little or no attention, and small problems resulting from normal wear and tear are left to become major headaches – and sometimes, costly repairs.

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