How to Set-up our Rib properly
How to Set-up our Rib properly
Single vs Twin engine Ribs – Pros and Cons
Single vs Twin engine Ribs – Pros and Cons

How to buy a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat)

By Karel Overlaet

Do you want to buy a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) but you do not know how to go about it?
Worry no more. This article will guide you on what to consider in making the best possible decision in 10 chapters.

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A rigid inflatable boat in the present world is well shaped in such a way that it can maintain its buoyancy even when it has tapped some water due to unfavourable weather conditions. Nearly all the boats in this category can give you a chance to perform an assigned duty, but not all can fully fulfil your purpose. This calls for some wisdom when it comes to purchasing a rigid inflatable boat. To end on the best boat for this matter, here are some of the most critical factors that you should bear in mind when buying your boat. I have a fair share of driving RIBs as a journalist (Medianaut). On top of that I own a RIB myself… of course.

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