Testing Hydrotab's new composite 300SR trim tabs in combination with the new Moby automatic controller
Testing Hydrotab’s new composite 300SR trim tabs in combination with the new Moby automatic controller

Twin 600hp Verados Versus Triple 400R Verados

By Thomas P.

At the 61st Genoa Boat Show we had the opportunity to test the new beastly 7.6-liter, V12 and 600-horsepower Verado outboards mounted on the MAR.CO R-Evolution 36, a combination that seemed explosive in advance.

Indeed, even with the slightest touch of the throttle you could feel the huge torque of the new Mercury outboard engines while the R-Evolution 36 was launched forward with incredible power.
The main reasons, of course, apart from the 7.6 liters and 600 horsepower of each engine, are the large and double propellers in combination with the large (numerically) gear ratio applied to the lower unit of the new engines.

Considering that a comparative test of the twin installation of the 600 hpVerados in relation to the triple 400R Verados on the same Rib that I happened to test a few years ago is quite interesting, we present the results of our measurements.

Although the comparable Ribs carried almost the same loads, the numbers are not entirely comparable as the tests on these boats took place at different times, under different weather conditions and in different sea areas. But they do not stop showing us an overview of the performance of the two set-ups.

The two 600hp Verado outboardskept the Ribon plane at 2200 rpm while maintaining a speed of 12.5 knots, while the three 400Rs were getting the R-Evolution 36 on plane at 2800 rpm with 14 knots.

In the following table you can see in detail the performance of the two combinations:

We notice that the superiority of 2 x 600hp Verado engines is clear in all areas:

  • They keep the boat on plane at a lower speed and at 600 rpm less, which is particularly important for our autonomy and our most comfortable ride in heavy weather conditions.
  • They achieve 5 knots or more, higher cruising speeds across the whole range of low and medium rpm.
  • They achieve clearly higher final speed.
  • They are much more economical to cruise speeds.
...keep Ribbing!

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