Storage of the spare propeller
Storage of the spare propeller
Twin 600hp Verados Versus Triple 400R Verados
Twin 600hp Verados Versus Triple 400R Verados

Testing Hydrotab's new composite 300SR trim tabs in combination with the new Moby automatic controller

By Thomas P.

As we have already mentioned in our related articles, the use of trim tabs is of great importance on each Rib.
With the help of trim tabs we can improve the planning time, stay on plane at lower rpm, achieve the best ride attitude every time according to our loads or speed and therefore maximize our ride quality.

After many tests done since now, we are concluding that is more efficient to trim a boat using trim tabs than the power trim of our engine, which is better to be used only in order to trim our propeller having to run almost parallel to the sea surface so that much of its thrust won’t be lost in the air (trimming the engine out excessively) or not to strain the transom and at the same time to raise the slip numbers in our attempt to lower the bow (trimming the engine excessively in).

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