The «Deadrise» of the hull and its importance
The «Deadrise» of the hull and its importance
10 useful Tips for safe Trips
10 useful Tips for safe Trips

Preserving a bright and shiny hull

By Thomas P.

It is known that the outer surface of a hull is covered by a special resin called gelcoat, which mainly protects it.
Thus, this gelcoat is constantly exposed to the sea-water and sun, leading to its erosion. Over the years the gelcoat loses its shine, becomes dull and porous. The bigger the pores become, the more permeable the gelcoat gets. It also stains more easily and then of course it is harder to clean it putting the hull in a great risk.

The maintenance of gelcoat in excellent condition, is not only a matter of aesthetic but also a matter of primary importance if we are interested in the longevity and «health» of our hull.

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