Solar panels on board
Solar panels on board
Storage of the spare propeller
Storage of the spare propeller

Storing our stern anchor inside the boat

By Thomas P.- T. Kaltsikis

There is no doubt that a stern anchor is one of the basic supplies that we shall always have on board and therefore one of the elements of the necessary equipment that every boat should have.

The existence of a second anchor is essential for our safety and will especially be useful in case of losing the main anchor of the boat unexpectedly and for any reason or when we are used to anchoring in solitary coves with no fixed mooring points on the shore.

It is a fact that the smaller our boat is, the greater the need for smart solutions providing us with the maximum possible free storage space.

In this article, we suggest you a really smart way with great safety to store and stabilize the stern anchor which is wise to be stored inside the aft locker or even outside, behind the stern sofa for easy and immediate access when we need it.

In this way we gain:

  • More useful storage space
  • Ease of use
  • Safety, without the risk of injury or damages during abrupt movements when travelling in rough weather conditions.
Method of construction:
...keep Ribbing!

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