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Some “secrets” of Rib’s Setup in tough weather

Preparing the Rib before the trip

By Thomas P.

We must always remember that out there in the sea, we are alone and no one can help us...

In this section we will occupy with the preparation of the rib provided that engines and rib (tubes, hull) are well maintained. Through this article there will be essentially a quick reference to parts forming the rib, as well as the supplies of basic and backup equipment, which will compose a seaworthy whole. At the same time we will look at the most common causes of damages that usually happens which therefore will make us afford with the necessary spares.

Let's go step by step, starting first of all with the basic parts that make up our rib at priority:

  1. Engine
  2. Auxiliary engine
  3. Tubes
  4. Fuel system
  5. Steering system
  6. Electrical installation
  7. General supplies

1. The engine

The fact is that someone can do a few things to a motor of last technology. Nevertheless, it is useful to have some spares on board:

  • Engine and gearbox oil
  • Fuel filters and the appropriate number of spark plugs
  • Spare impeller
  • Petrol filters and engine fuel pump, and of course
  • Spare propeller. As it has been emphasized several times, the backup propeller is not necessary only when the main one is beaten. A very unpleasant situation is also the spinning of the propeller, which happens without warning and no one can determine the time it will appear.

2. Auxiliary engine

If the main motor has any serious damage then the auxiliary engine is one that will take us from unpleasant adventures. So it needs to be well maintained and absolutely ready.

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