Stingher 28 GT – 2x225hp V6 Mercury
Stingher 28 GT – 2x225hp V6 Mercury
ZEN 39S – Twin 425hp XTO Yamahas
ZEN 39S – Twin 425hp XTO Yamahas

RIBCO 100 G2 X – Twin DF300AP Suzuki’s

By Thomas P.

The new 100 G2 X is a return to the original concept and philosophy of the inflatable boat, based though on new technologies and the vast experience brought by the Ribco Marine Shipyard.

An idea was brought by Tarasiadis brothers and implemented just a few months ago by Ribco marine.The result is highly impressive and will be especially loved by those who love the simple and authentic lines of a pure inflatable boat that can travel you with quality, comfort and safety to any destination, while the cost of ownership is clearly cheaper than the corresponding premium level competition.The 100 G2 X is inspired by and runs on the well-known and highly seaworthy G2 hull which also participated in the famous race “2008 Round of Britain Race”. 

With the use of new materials and techniques that have led to the weight reduction as well as many improvements related mainly to the deck and maximizing ergonomics, comfort and functionality, but with an emphasis on simplicity and clean lines, the 100 G2 X is a great proposal to redefine the use of the inflatable boat in the modern trend that wants to turn inflatables into luxury houseboats. 

You may think that the market follows the desires of the buying public, which has clearly changed with the economic crisis that has been plaguing modern societies for the last many years.But the more the inflatable boat is loaded with luxurious toilets, kitchens, impressive coffee machines and cabins that look like small suites of a luxury hotel, the more it loses its orientation, lags behind in speed and maneuverability while the adrenaline and playing with the waves are reduced to a minimum, losing largely that feeling of palpable carelessness and freedom that so enchants us and have irrevocably fallen in love with.The more the windshields grow and the imposing hard tops protect us, the more we lose the wind that stirs our hair, the salt and burning on our faces, the scent of the sea and the so precious and refreshing sea breeze that floods our bodies.

On Deck

A few minutes of observation were enough to appreciate the high level and quality of construction of the 100 G2 X, while my gaze remained fixed on its enormous spaces and the great comfort of movements ensured by its deck, especially in the area of the stern, making it the most spacious inflatable vessel of its class.

In the bow area, with the corresponding addition which is very cleverly applied under the hatches of the side storage spaces so that it remains absolutely stable even when running at high speed, a large sunbed is formed with a length of 2.43 meters and a maximum width of 2 meters in the leg area. 

Under the sundeck cushions, which are lined with high-quality upholstery, there are three independent storage spaces that can accommodate a lot of luggage as well as all the necessary boat equipment. 

Further forward and slightly elevated, is the locker which accommodates the windlass and the anchor chain which exits from the entrance of the bow without thus obstructing our entry or exit from the boat.The small hard nose that has been adjusted to the junction of the air chambers ensures a comfortable fit with the cleats very nicely placed on its side surfaces so as not to pose any risk of injury, while its rear surface is positively inclined so that with the addition of the small cushion it forms a comfortable backrest.

The pilot station is ideally sized to accommodate large navigation devices, to protect us from wind and spray while its height ensures a great view of the bow and the horizon even when we choose the seated driving position. Details that make the difference and demonstrate a very well thought out and ergonomically adapted design.

On the dash panel, which is made of carbon, everything is clean and in the right order. The steering wheel is on the left, the engine controls in the center and on the right a small glovebox that is particularly useful for storing small items. Above that are housed the engine instruments, the Raymarine 12-inch screen, the sound system source and the VHF. 

The independent helmseats are characterized by their common, large, body-hugging backrest and offer two levels of seating depending on your height and mood. Beneath the seats is a very useful storage area, ideal for storing essentials. A particularly elegantly designed two-seater sofa is formed on the rear side, the side surfaces of which converge towards the deck so as to leave spacious passageways to starboard and port, with a maximum width of 42 cm, for the free forward and backward movement of passengers. Underneath are two small separate storage areas which are ideal for storing ice and drinks on board as they are fitted with drainage pipes.

Further back there is a large empty deck space that measures 2.02m x 1.04m and offers us a huge freedom of movement, while it can easily be converted into a dining area for 6 or 7 people.

The aft sofa is 2m wide and can accommodate 4 to 5 seated people, while its backrest lift and swivel forward creating a huge aft sundeck.

The generous sunbed measures 2.37m x 1.47m, but its useful width is actually much greater as it is at the height of the air chambers, which can be used as an ideal headrest.

Below the aft sundeck there is a huge storage area which can easily be used as a tent type cabin and can accommodate up to three adults.   On the aft side, as well as on the floor, there are large hatches leading to additional storage areas or giving access to the vital areas of the boat.

At Sea

On the day of our test the weather conditions were ideal to evaluate the virtues of the 100 G2 X's hull, whose offshore performance was already known to us from the past.

So having complete confidence in the hull's behavior and the robustness of the overall construction, despite the high wave height, we nailed the throttles forward without second thoughts. We felt no surprise when the Rib was flying from crest to crest with complete safety, once again confirming its reputation for extremely soft dampening. The ability of its hull to manage the waves in all directions in the best possible way is exemplary, pushing the spray away from the deck without a single drop coming towards the occupants even in the conditions shown in the photo above. Maintaining a very good riding angle, which combined with the superb view we had towards the bow even when we were driving seated, made us able to have total control, and so we could very easily run at high speed avoiding the traps and waves breaking. 

After literally enjoying playing with the waves for quite some time, we headed to a neighboring cove with shorter waves to record our measurements, which are the most objective judge of each boat's performance.

Our 100 G2 X test Rib was equipped with two 300hp Suzuki V6 engines, which at a gear ratio of 2.08:1 were turning the homonymous 3-blade 16΄΄ x 20΄΄ stainless steel propellers.

With a strong wind, 5 crew and 300 liters of fuel, the Rib was standing on plane at very low rpm maintaining a steady speed of 11 knots. Thus, at just 2200 rpm we could cruise onto the waves, a performance that I personally consider amazing and of course much more important than even the maximum top speed a boat can achieve.

It is also worth emphasizing that the accelerations were excellent throughout the entire rpm range, which gave us the absolutely essential agility we needed in the specific wave conditions. We therefore applaud the very good set-up of the boat and the non-preference for a longer propeller pitch on the altar of higher top speed and perhaps reduced fuel consumption.

The excellent throttle response and the ability of the engines to reach their maximum rpm even when the boat is loaded are two of the key factors that demonstrate an ideal set-up.  

At 3000 rpm we were cruising at 21 knots burning 1.8 liters per nautical mile, while at 3500 rpm we were running at 27 knots with exactly the same consumption.

So we can cover long distances travelling at 27 knots, with our engines running effortlessly, while achieving maximum range which is translated into 166 nautical miles of cruising when we have 300 liters of fuel in our tanks. 

At 4000 rpm, we ran at 32 knots consuming 1.96 liters for every nautical mile while at 4500 rpm we recorded a cruising speed of 36 knots burning 2.1 liters per mile. Consumptions excellent both in terms of boat size and our test loads.

At full open throttle, the 100 G2 X was running at 48.5 knots of top speed, with the engines reaching almost the maximum rpm recommended by their manufacturer.


The detailed numbers we recorded can be seen in the table below:

Taking a deeper look at the table of our measurements, we see the very low slip values we recorded even at low rpm, which combined with the fact that the engines are capable of reaching their maximum rpm limit demonstrates an ideal set-up. The zero or even negative slip we recorded at 4000 and 4500 rpm means that we can cruise from 32 to 36 knots while getting the maximum performance from our propellers and therefore maximum fuel economy.

During our sea trial, we raised the starboard engine and tested the boat's ability to move as a single engine. At 3700 rpm we were cruising at 22 knots burning 34 liters per hour, while at 4200 rpm we were traveling with 24 knots burning 40 liters per hour. Excellent performance that will allow us to cruise comfortably and return safely to our port in case one of the two engines develops a malfunction.

We liked the 100 G2 X very much because it has been taken care of down to the last detail, offering very smart solutions, reflecting the passion and years of experience of its creators who, focusing mainly on the simple quality of living on board, have managed to present us with a totally "naval" boat that will be appreciated more by the most experienced skippers.

Its combination also with the 300hp Suzuki engines on the transom and the 20΄΄ of pitch propellers constitutes a wonderful set-up, all around use, in terms of cruising speed and consumption, throttle response and acceleration as well as the boat's behavior in all conditions.

...keep Ribbing!                

  • Overall length: 9,98 μ
  • Beam: 3,30 μ
  • Total weight: 3000 κ
  • Μax power: 2 x 350hp
  • Fuel capacity: 700 λτ
  • Water capacity: 150 λτ
  • CE: Category B

RIBCO Marine
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