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October 6, 2022

Weather in the Aegean sea – Meltemi (Etesians)

During the winter period, over the Mediterranean basin, several low pressure systems are formed, that result in volatile and bad weather patterns, which are made even...
October 6, 2022

Planning a trip by Rib

Any trip, no matter how short it may be, requires very careful planning which should start long before we release our favourite bowlines that keep us safe in our harbour...
October 6, 2022

Sea characteristics in the Portuguese Coast

The sea state is defined by the characteristics of the waves at a particular location in a specific moment. To better define it, we have to identify the wave height (meters), being the...
October 6, 2022

Navigating with the stars – (part 1)

Going through the era of satellite navigation, we observe that it has gained a great role among us, sidelining inevitably the nautical art which, until a few years ago, constituted the...
October 6, 2022

Navigating with the stars – (part 2)

Focusing on Polaris. Polaris, the brightest and last star on the «tail» of the Little Bear, does not unintentionally constitute a point of reference for navigation. It is really worth seeing a bit more analytically...
October 6, 2022

Engine mounting height

One of the most important factors affecting very much the performance of our boat is the engine's mounting height on its transom. By the term "engine mounting height" we mean..
October 6, 2022

The significance of the Jack Plate

As we saw in the previous article concerning the appropriate mounting height of our engine we can not achieve at the same time, in the same combination boat-engine-propeller, both the maximum speed and the greater thrust at low rpm. The solution to this problem...
October 6, 2022

Mounting the outboard on a bracket

Before proceeding to mounting a bracket on our transom we should first assess whether it is compatible with our boat and, of course, we need to know what we want to gain with this addition and to what extent...
June 14, 2017

Children on board

Our free space on the rib might be limited enough but this does not mean that it is forbidden for our little children. There is absolute agreement with those who believe that little children can indeed accompany us in our sea excursions even though they might deprive us of some of our ..

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