Some “secrets” of Rib’s Setup in tough weather
The “danger” of satellite navigation

Handling a Rib in rough weather

By Thomas P.

As I was starting to write these lines I realized that things are quite complex and certainly would take many pages to give clear, precise answers about handling the rib in tough weather in any case.

And how indeed could it be otherwise when on a tough sea, the waves are influenced by so many factors, all of which combined together is impossible to calculate? When each wave has unique characteristics that require almost always different handlings of the skipper?

Having the enormous variety of the waves as a fact, and afterwards add the type of boat, length and design of the hull, and of course the ability, experience and endurance of the captain, and overall philosophy of every skipper and crew, then it becomes clear that it isn't possible to define precisely how to deal with difficult weather conditions.

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Handling a Rib in rough weather
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