Handling a Rib in rough weather
A "smart" water-separating fuel filter
A “smart” water-separating fuel filter

The "danger" of satellite navigation

By Thomas P.

It is a fact that since the GPS has appeared more and more skippers have began to be indifferent or even completely ignore the traditional and foremost nautical instruments such as the compass, the divider and the parallel ruler. Their commitment in the electronic "magical" box, which gives us information about everything, is so big that the compass is now a romantic and yet decorative element of Ribs. Therefore, a new danger has come up hiding behind the "blind'' trust in satellite navigation.

Since 1974 when the first GPS satellite was launched, new roads in navigation opened. The GPS system now permits accurate geographic location with an error of only a few metres and allows us to measure distances or find out our route just with the touch of a button.

Definitely we should not ignore the electronic technology, which gives us a sense of security that we lacked so much in the vastness of the sea, making it absolutely necessary in an emergency situation.
On the other hand, we should not depend only on this, but to use it as an additional source of information and nothing more.

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The “danger” of satellite navigation
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